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Kiwi population shrinking
"Fewer than 15 North Island brown kiwi are thought to be surviving in western Bay of Plenty, sparking fresh fears for the survival ... will be extinct there within four years unless action is taken"
New Zealand Herald  20 December 2004

Moas in decline before humans arrived
"Humans may not be entirely to blame for wiping out moas ... a huge moa population existed in the few thousand years before the arrival of humans"
New Scientist  10 November 2004

DoC losing battle to save rarest species
"The Department of Conservation is failing to stop the slide to extinction of more than half of New Zealand's rare plants and wildlife ..."  New Zealand Herald  25 October 2004

Petitions oppose marine reserve
"Three petitions with the names of nearly 900 people objecting to a marine reserve at Mimiwhangata ..."
New Zealand Herald  11 October 2004

Ocean-roaming birds under threat
"Every year between 50 and 100 million longline hooks are set in the Southern Ocean ... lines trail behind fishing boats for up to 130km as they move into the most far-flung waters in search of new fishing grounds ..."
New Zealand Herald  9 October 2004

Nets leave a trail of death in the sea
"It's quiet at the bottom of the ocean and dark where sunlight never reaches. But illuminate it with artificial light and strange life emerges"
New Zealand Herald  9 October 2004

Thin glaciers get thinner in Antarctica
"Some of Antarctica's glaciers are melting faster than snow can replace them, enough to raise sea levels measurably, scientists have reported ..."
New Zealand Herald  25 September 2004

Axe taken to $300m hoki quota
"The Government has taken drastic steps to rebuild the deepwater hoki fishery, slashing the allowable commercial catch by 80,000 tonnes to 100,000 tonnes ..."
New Zealand Herald  24 September 2004

Bill Brownell: Marine reserve won't make much difference to Barrier
"... local communities should focus on how to work with the Dept of Conservation ... to make sustainable profits from celebrating the beauty and diversity of marine life rather than killing it ..."
New Zealand Herald  26 August 2004

Fish expert sounds warning on stocks
"The future for global fisheries is not rosy ... governments should be setting aside up to half of fishing grounds as marine reserves to ensure the future of sea life ..."
New Zealand Herald  17 August 2004

Kakapo being fed antibiotics twice a day
"Most of the juvenile kakapo highly valued by the breeders trying to bring the species back from the brink of extinction are now being dosed with antibiotics ..."
New Zealand Herald  19 July 2004

Ocean CO2 may 'harm marine life'
"Nearly 50% of the carbon dioxide that humans have pumped into the atmosphere over the last 200 years has been absorbed by the sea ..."
BBC NEWS  15 July 2004

$14bn cost of protecting oceans
"A team of UK scientists has come up with a cost for establishing a global network of marine "parks" to protect threatened ocean ecosystems ..."
BBC NEWS  15 June 2004

Urgent action call on US climate
"Ten leading US climate scientists spoke on Tuesday of the need for more urgent action to tackle global warming ..."
BBC NEWS  15 June 2004

World faces seeping flood crisis
"The number of people under threat from major flooding will double to two billion within 50 years, the UN warns ..."
BBC NEWS  13 June 2004

Ice cores unlock climate secrets
"Global climate patterns stretching back 740,000 years have been confirmed by a three-kilometre-long ice core drilled from the Antarctic ..."  BBC NEWS  9 June 2004

Disaster movie makes waves
"But could the climate crash 'the day after tomorrow'?"
Nature, Science Update  12 May 2004

New island sanctuaries to fight extinction of signature species
"Conservation Minister Chris Carter today announced a $7 million project to create two island sanctuaries for threatened native wildlife around mainland New Zealand ..."
New Zealand Herald  12 May 2004

Wetter world predicted to counter greenhouse gases
"Australian scientists have found the Earth may be more resilient to global warming than first thought, and they say a warmer world means a wetter planet, encouraging more plants to grow and soak up greenhouse gases ..."
New Zealand Herald  12 May 2004

Government plays down discovery of contaminated seeds
"The Government today played down a discovery of imported maize seed contaminated with genetically engineered (GE) material saying while New Zealand's zero tolerance law had been broken, contamination was 'minuscule'..."
New Zealand Herald  12 May 2004

Harvest fears as MAF starts search for lost seed
"Thousands of genetically modified maize plants may have been harvested in the country's biggest accidental release of GM-contaminated seed ..."
New Zealand Herald  12 May 2004

Global warming could soon make Antarctica the only place to live, says chief British scientist
"Antarctica is likely to be the world's only habitable continent by the end of this century if global warming remains unchecked ..."
New Zealand Herald  2 May 2004

Speed up RMA, says business
"Business groups are adamant that the Resource Management Act needs a major overhaul - despite criticism that they are living in the past and ignoring improvements already being made ..."
New Zealand Herald  5 April 2004

Dealing with the RMA backlog
"The chief executive of the Ministry for the Environment told the Business Herald that he would fix the time it took to deal with problems plaguing the resource consent process within 12 months ... That was just over a year ago ..."
New Zealand Herald  5 April 2004

Who killed Project Aqua
"The demise of Project Aqua prompted alarm calls that New Zealand's bureaucratic hurdles were the death knell of any major project ..."
New Zealand Herald  4 April 2004

Less rain in a warmer world
"Global warming and pollution could give us drier days ..."
Nature, Science Update  1 April 2004

First kokako hatchings for 100 years in Hawkes Bay
"It's been more than a century since a kokako was born in Hawkes Bay. But that changed on Friday with the hatching of two eggs at the Department of Conservation's Boundary Stream reserve ..."
New Zealand Herald  28 January 2004

While north froze NZ might have stayed temperate
"New Zealand scientists have found evidence that the Southern Hemisphere may have escaped the extremes of the last Ice Age which froze much of Europe, Russia and North America ..."
New Zealand Herald  26 January 2004

Tuatara to get new lease on life as rats wiped out
"Tuatara are expected to thrive on Little Barrier Island again, with the announcement that the Pacific rat kiore is to be eradicated ..."
New Zealand Herald  26 January 2004

Kokako chicks bring hope of regeneration
"For the first time in 60 years kokako chicks have been hatched in the wild at Mt Bruce bird reserve ..."
New Zealand Herald  26 January 2004

Plan to pull big snail from brink
"They are the sumo wrestlers of the snail world, as big as a man's fist and able to out-slide then suck up unsuspecting slugs and worms like humans eat spaghetti ..."
New Zealand Herald  22 January 2004

Buried Treasures: Stink surrounds GM onions
"... the Environmental Risk Management Authority (Erma) has signalled that genetic experiments will no longer get an easy ride to approval ..."
New Zealand Herald  20 January 2004

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