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Mount Cook lily
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Tree fern fronds
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Anger as seabirds killed by longlines
"More than 300 protected seabirds, including albatross, have been killed by a commercial longline fishing boat off the New Zealand coast ..."
New Zealand Herald  20 December 2001

Lethal fungus disaster for unique NZ frog
"An international biological treasure is at risk of extinction ... People moving through native frog habitats are thought to be spreading a fungus ..."
New Zealand Herald  8 November 2001

Melt down
"Half a century of thinning ice leaves Greenland's future looking wet..."
Nature Science Update  1 November 2001

Rapid Antarctic warming puzzle
"UK scientists say parts of Antarctica have recently been warming much faster than the rest of the Earth ..."
BBC NEWS  6 September 2001

Swamp yields moa haul in historic dig
"Palaeontologists working in North Canterbury will not know the extent of perhaps the biggest collection of forest swamp moa and other extinct or rare species until the end of the year ..."
New Zealand Herald  9 July 2001

Arctic's big melt challenged
"New data suggest the North Pole got a little thicker in the 90s ..."
BBC NEWS  3 May 2001

Thaw weakens link in Antarctic food chain
"Marine mammals and birds may be suffering because krill can't take the heat ..."
Nature, Science Update  February 27 2001

Kiwi an Aussie who overstayed
"The kiwi, New Zealand's national bird and sports symbol, probably originated in Australia, says a New Zealand scientist.  Molecular evolutionist Dr Alan Cooper led an Oxford University team that found the kiwi developed in Australia and migrated to NZ about 70 million years ago along the Norfolk Ridge, or Lord Howe Rise, that linked the two countries ..."
New Zealand Herald  8 February 2001

Extinct bird in 'ground breaker'
"The DNA of extinct birds has shed new light on the formation of the continents in the Southern Hemisphere ..."
BBC NEWS  7 February 2001

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Hunt in wild south for elusive kokako
"The last great hunt is on for one of New Zealand's most elusive birds.  A team of volunteers and ornithologists will comb hundreds of square km of some of the South Island's most rugged terrain this month to try to find the South Island kokako ..."
New Zealand Herald  6 October 2000

Survival hopes rise for unique NZ bird
"The endangered taiko has had its most successful breeding season ... five of them have got out to sea safely in the last few days without getting munched by cats or weka on the way..."
New Zealand Herald  29 May 2000

Helping hand reaches out for an unloved species
"A rare New Zealand weta is about to leave home for the first time in 80 million years ..."
New Zealand Herald  4 May 2000

Breaking the ice
"During the warm spell before the last ice age, melting of the Greenland ice sheet contributed more to the higher sea level than was thought ..."
Nature Science Update  6 April 2000

Kiwi facing mainland extinction says DoC
"... most kiwi populations on the mainland face extinction within the next 75 years ... One-third of New Zealand's native fish, all giant weta, frogs and bats, and 60 per cent of its reptiles and birds are threatened species ..."
New Zealand Herald  27 January 2000

Kiwis 'freefall' to extinction
"New Zealand's national symbol, the kiwi bird, could be almost extinct within five to 10 years ... the kiwi is being killed at a rate of one every two hours and is "free-falling" to extinction ..."
BBC NEWS  16 September 1999

SeaWinds watches for breakup of giant iceberg
"A NASA satellite instrument is keeping an eye on an iceberg the size of Rhode Island ..."
NASA VISIBLE EARTH  8 September 1999

Swell-headed bugs like living it up
"Recent research in the Far North indicates that male tree weta are not fussy who they have sex with ..."
New Zealand Herald  4 September 1999

Rugged retreat last frontier for weka
"In rugged scrub and swamp of the Raukumara Forest, a husband and wife team is protecting the last stronghold of a bird once so numerous it was considered a pest ..."
New Zealand Herald  25 May 1999

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