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Left above:
Mount Cook lily
Right top:
Tree fern fronds
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Dying plants double
"New calculation of threatened species gives startling result"
Nature, Science Update  1 November 2002

Next ice age on ice?
"Another big freeze might never happen. Mankind could lock the world into an irreversible greenhouse effect ..."
Nature Science Update  23 August 2002

Endangered frogs to be given powhiri
"About 50 endangered native Archeys frogs from Te Kuiti are to be given a powhiri at Canterbury University ..."
New Zealand Herald  30 July 2002

Alaskan glaciers raise sea level
"Alaskan glaciers have thinned twice as fast over the past 5 years as during the preceding four decades ... melting is making the largest contribution to rising sea levels of any ice bound region on Earth"
Nature Science Update  19 July 2002

Feathers to keep moa's toes warm
"Short, stocky and with feathers all the way down to its toes, the upland moa would have been an extraordinary sight ..."
New Zealand Herald  20 June 2002

UN alert on threat to birds
"New Zealand has earned special mention in a global environment report ..."
New Zealand Herald  23 May 2002

UN alert on threat to birds
"The UN document, the bi-annual Environment Programme (UNEP) GEO-3 report, estimates a quarter of the world's mammal species and 12 per cent of birds - including 15 per cent of New Zealand species - face extinction over the next 30 years ..."
New Zealand Herald  23 May 2002

Kakapo: Bird on the brink
"While the birds have received dedicated help over the last 50 years and are slowly escaping from the shadow of extinction, the tale of the first kakapo reserve reaches back to the beginning of the 1900s"
New Zealand Geographic, No. 56, March/April 2002

New Zealand reptile in climate peril
"Just one degree rise in temperature could spell the end for a 'living fossil' ..."
BBC NEWS  27 March 2002

Rare parrots lay a record
"Two months ago the world could boast just 62 kakapo, the world's rarest parrot.   Today that number has risen by a third, to 84 birds, thanks to a bumper brood of chicks ..."
BBC NEWS  20 March 2002

Safe haven for albatrosses
"The world's biggest colony of black-browed albatrosses now faces a far more secure future.  The colony is on one of two islands in the Falklands group ..."
BBC NEWS  6 March 2002

Tuatara at home on island
"After an absence of 60 years tuatara are thriving on Moutohora (Whale Island) in the Bay of Plenty ..."
New Zealand Herald  21 February 2002

Island tuatara bounce back
"The breeding rate of tuatara on the Marotiri Islands near Whangarei has delighted and surprised scientists and conservation staff. A survey last month found 43 percent of the tuatara were juvenile..."
New Zealand Herald  14 February 2002

Albatrosses get prince's protection
"The Prince of Wales is supporting attempts to save endangered birds from death in the south Atlantic ..."
BBC NEWS  14 January 2002

Antarctic penguins in peril
"Tens of thousands of baby penguins could starve to death as their parents are having to walk up to 50 kilometres (30 miles) further than usual to get food ..."
BBC NEWS  12 January 2002

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