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Be a volunteer photographer .....

... images can help tell the story of New Zealand's unique natural history, and present the international importance of protecting the country's biodiversity.

Selected photographs by volunteers of New Zealand native plants, trees, birds, insects, lizards, frogs, fish, marine mammals, natural landscapes, and marine habitat will be used to illustrate articles on TerraNature webpages and in promotional material.

For 2006, professional photographers, Tom Lamb and Gary Randorf, will judge for IMAGE OF THE YEAR awards in youth (under 16 years of age) and adult, in the categories of best overall, wildlife, native habitat, natural landscape, and marine habitat.

Selected images of suitable quality, including those not used with articles, will be presented in a photo gallery with recognition given to authorship, as they are received.

Left: Harrier
Right: Brown teal
by Geoff Moon

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Submission requirements for photographs

The submission deadline for photographs to be judged is December 31 each year.

Digital photographs in jpeg format are preferred. Digital files should be saved as jpeg format compression at 360x504px (5"x7") at 150 dpi.

Good quality prints suitable for scanning are also acceptable.  Prints must be no larger than A4 or 8.5"x11", and no smaller than A5 or 6"x4". Prints and digital files will not be returned.

Images should not include people (unless an animal or insect has to be held), non-indigenous animals or plants, buildings, or man-made facilities.

Conditions of use of photographs

Copyright will remain with the photographer.  TerraNature will post the name of the photographer on the webpage where it is placed, or adjacent to the image on the Photo Gallery page.  Selected photographs may be used by TerraNature and/or placed in the Gallery prior to judging.

TerraNature may at its discretion; crop, reduce, enlarge, darken, lighten, place text over, or otherwise alter the image to suit web publishing standards or graphic design of a webpage.

TerraNature is under no obligation to use or publish any submitted photograph that does not meet suitable standards of quality or subject matter.

TerraNature agrees not to sell any submitted image, or give permission to anyone to use an image without prior permission.  Submission to this program constitutes agreement by the photographer to convey rights to TerraNature as set forward above.

The quality of the photo shown above of Aratiatia Rapids, captures the beauty of New Zealand nature.  It was shot by Thomas Mundt of Rostock, Germany in 2003.

See larger image

Submission of photographs

Submission and TerraNature use of selected images may be at any time.  The deadline for judging is December 31 each year.

email digital submissions to:

and fill out and send the following form

name of photographer
age if under 16
your email address
state and zip code
brief description of photograph, including species (if known) and location
I would like my photograph to be judged in the category of -
native habitat
natural landscape
marine habitat


Information is confidential - TerraNature will not pass on addresses to anyone.

or fill out, print and mail the above form
with photo CD or print submissions to:

Image Submission
PO Box 9623
New Zealand

Image Submission
1644 Clay Street
Unit 1
San Francisco
California 94109

Copyright © 2006 TerraNature Trust. All rights reserved.

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