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Be a volunteer campaigner .....

..... making the public aware of environmental issues, and getting people involved, is important work to protect New Zealand's biodiversity on land and in the oceans.

TerraNature works to create public awareness of environmental issues by the publication of website articles.  Volunteers are encouraged to send emails containing links to webpages to friends, family and colleagues to circulate information.

Extensive email campaigns are conducted to create a greater awareness, and get citizens to express their views to government, or respond to requests for submissions in environmental regulatory processes.

Volunteers are needed to send many emails.  Help from anyone who can generate a circle of interested supporters is welcome, particularly those who have access to, or can generate address databases.

Current active campaigns .....

TerraNature does not currently have an active campaign. New campaigns are in preparation and should get underway in the near future.

Previous campaigns .....

United Nations moratorium on bottom trawling

The NZ government is urged to stop bottom trawling in the EEZ and on the high seas, and support a United Nations moratorium. This type of fishing is now regarded as the most destructive practice on the marine environment the world has ever known.

See more on the TAKE ACTION page, with links to a series of related articles, including the tools for support action.

The government has stated that it is seeking an immediate UN moratorium on bottom trawling on high seas not managed by Regional Fisheries Management Organisations. This stance is weak, and will have no effect in the South Pacific for many years because negotiation of an RFMO is underway.

Letters in support of a moratorium to the Minister of Fisheries and other Cabinet Ministers, are urgently needed before the UN General Assembly meeting in October.

Image left: Deepsea coral bycatch from a New Zealand fishing vessel bottom trawling in the high seas area of the Tasman Sea, Crown Copyright © Ministry of Fisheries

Hydrothermal vent chimneys on the Giggenbach seamount (above), and a coffin fish on the Macauley seamount (center) on the Kermadec Ridge in the New Zealand EEZ.

Images courtesy of NOAA Ring of Fire Expedition
See larger images


Join a campaign ..... take action and make a difference

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