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Graeme Woodhouse Chairman
Geoff Turnbull


Graeme Woodhouse  President
Kim Kowalski  Secretary
and Chief Financial Officer

Advisory Council

Tim Cadman
Donald Carr
John Davis
Paul Dayton
Randall Hayes
Tony Koslow
Daniel Pauly
Gary Randorf
William K Reilly
Les Watling

Geoff Turnbull

Geoff Turnbull, Director

Geoff grew up under the botanical wing of his father, the late Alastair Turnbull, who was a member of the TerraNature Advisory Council, and widely regarded as one of New Zealand's leading authorities on rare and endangered native plants. Geoff has inherited Talisman Nurseries Limited in Otaki.

He was born and raised in Whenuapai, Auckland where he had a keen affiliation with indigenous fauna and flora, kayaking the upper reaches of the Waitemata Harbor, and visiting outer islands and reserves of the North Island.

He gained a Diploma of Horticulture and a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (honours) from Lincoln University, Canterbury in 1992, and is an associate of the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects.

Geoff worked for seven years in Wellington with Frank Boffa at Boffa Miskell Ltd, a landscape and urban design, environmental planning, and ecology consulting firm.

In 1999 he joined the Laguna Beach, California office of SWA Group, where he was a senior designer and landscape architect until 2008.  Geoff played a pivotal role in the master planning of Shady Canyon Residential and Golf Preserve in Irvine, successfully using a drought tolerant native Californian plant palette for the first time in Orange County.

He has extensive experience in large multi-disciplinary projects in New Zealand, Southeast Asia, China and the United States.  Geoff is presently engaged on urban development projects in Abu Dhabi.

Graeme Woodhouse, Chairman/President

Graeme is president and chairs Terra Nature Fund and TerraNature Trust, managing both organizations in a full-time capacity.  He took primary responsibility for establishing the two entities.  Born and raised in Auckland and Hamilton, Graeme became a Registered Surveyor with the Survey Board of New Zealand in 1968.  After planning and engineering various land development projects at the Vail ski resort in Colorado, he was the planner from 1975 until 1977 for Beaver Creek, the second resort developed by Vail Associates Inc.

As founding partner of Woodhouse & Garry CHS (1979-92), a town planning and architectural practice in Vail and Denver, Colorado, and San Francisco, his work included urban design plans for six alpine destination resort villages. Graeme prepared a master plan for a new town for 120,000 people covering an area of 16,000 acres for the Colorado State Board of Land Commissioners.

In more recent horticulturally oriented work, as president of Fort Mason Community Garden Inc during 1997 and 1998, he was responsible for transforming nursery operations, initiating native plant propagation and planting, organising composting operations, and incorporating windbreak planting and water conservation measures.

Graeme received the Highest Achievement Award for Community Organizing in 1999, for his work as a neighborhood coordinator with Friends of the Urban Forest, a nonprofit organisation responsible for planting and maintaining most of San Francisco's street trees.


Terra Nature Fund is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, incorporated with the Secretary of State in March 2000, which operates exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes.

See Articles of Incorporation

Tax Exempt Status

The United States Internal Revenue Service has determined that TNF is exempt from federal income tax as an organization described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

See U.S. Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) determination

The California Franchise Tax Board has ruled that the corporation is exempt from state franchise or income tax under section 23701d of the Revenue and Taxation Code.

Form 990 Annual Report

Terra Nature Fund was not required to file a Form 990 Annual Report with the United States Internal Revenue Service for the years ending December 31st 2000 to 2010.

Graeme Woodhouse, Waitemata Harbour 1955
Graeme Woodhouse, Long Bay, Coromandel 1950


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