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Genetic modification

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Genetic modification

We have politely messed around long enough, expressing opposition to GM within the constraints of the law.  If opposition from 70 percent of the population is not enough, it is time to resort to crop pulling and obstructing research.  Sarah Roberts, Wellington  17 January 2004

We have opposed GM with letters to government, peaceful demonstration, and submissions.  None of this is has had any effect - nobody is listening.  ERMA is going to approve GM projects regardless of how much opposition it gets.  The only recourse now is nonviolent direct action.  GM crops will be pulled up.  Tommy Delgado, Christchurch  18 January 2004

The many New Zealanders who are opposing genetic engineering must be commended on making a stand.  I follow the issue in New Zealand because after living down under for a period, I enjoy buying New Zealand food products in California when I can, and would like to see them stay GE free.  Mick Taylor, San Francisco  10 December 2003

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